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Oxford Hills Christian Academy

Parent/Student Handbook

Admissions Information

Enrollment Procedure

The following procedure is followed for initial enrollment to Oxford Hills Christian Academy:

1. Parent/guardian submits to the office a completed application (with references as indicated in the application) with the registration fee. The parent/guardian will then be contacted for an initial interview. For applicants in grades 5-12, the student must also be present in this interview.

2. During the interview, questions of an academic, behavioral, and spiritual nature will be asked of both the student and his/her parents.

3. The relevant teacher may administer academic screening tests.

4. Acceptance or denial of enrollment will be communicated in writing. The Board of Directors may be asked to consider an applicant before a decision is made.

Acceptance of admission into Oxford Hills Christian Academy is understood to be a commitment to the policies, standards, and practices outlined in this handbook. Both the parents and the student in grades 5-12 will be asked to sign a contract that states “I have read and understand the policies in the Parent/Student Handbook and agree to abide by these as long as my child attends OHCA.”  These will be kept on record.


Oxford Hills Christian Academy does not discriminate on basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admissions and education policies, financial assistance programs, and athletic or other school administered programs.


A child shall be at least five and not older than six years of age by October 15 in the year of admission into kindergarten. A child shall be at least six and not older than seven years of age by October 15 in the year of admission into first grade.


Grading Scale

The following grading scale is used for grades 5-12:

            A+        98-100             C+        83-84

            A          95-97               C          80-82

            A-         93-94               C-        77-79

            B+        90-92               D+        75-76

            B          87-89               D          73-74

            B-        85-86                D-        70-72

                                                F          Below 70

In kindergarten through Grade 4 a different numerical and written tool is used which is self-explanatory on the report card.


We believe that homework serves one of four purposes:

            1. To complete unfinished work from a class lesson;

            2. To review/drill material learned in class;

            3. As an extension of material learned; or

            4. Projects requiring both time in and out of school to complete.

Efforts are made at school to keep assignments within reasonable limits. The following are guidelines that teachers are asked to follow (Occasional projects will require more time). Depending on each individual student, the homework assigned may take more or less time. If you believe your child is spending too much time each night on homework, please consult with your child’s teacher(s).

            Up to ½ hour in elementary grades 1-3

            Up to 1 hour in elementary grades 4-6

            Up to 1.5 hours in grades 7-8

            Up to 2.5 hours in grades 9-12

Parents may assist their children with homework, and may be asked to sign a homework notebook.  Please check your child’s homework before signing it.

Honor Roll

Students in middle and high school achieving academic excellence are named to an honor roll each quarter. High honors are awarded to students who earn all A’s and students who earn A’s and B’s receive Honors.


Every effort is made to provide our students with a diversity of material. The presence of a book in the library or classroom library, however, does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of all its material or viewpoints. Should you object to any materials found in the library or classroom library, please let us know and we will carefully consider your objection.

Promotion to the Next Grade

Promotion is contingent upon a student’s overall average being a 70 or better, with possible recommendation of retention by Administration or teacher for averages under 70.  Recommendation for repeating kindergarten year is not based upon numerical grading, but is instead based upon issues such as maturity level, retention level, and readiness for reading.

Secondary level students may need to repeat individual courses in order to obtain necessary credits for graduation.

Re-enrollment for Next Year

In order to help the school plan its budget, re-enrollment for the following year takes place in the spring. A family re-enrollment fee is due on the date that re-enrollments are due. This fee is non-refundable.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued four times per year. Report cards must be signed and returned to the school office for all quarters but the last one. This year-end report card is for you to keep with your child’s family records.


Financial Policies

Tuition and Fees

The Board of Directors of Oxford Hills Christian Academy sets tuition and fees annually. All attempts are made to balance the affordability, educational quality, and financial burdens of the school. Tuition does not cover the cost of operating the school, thus creating the necessity of receiving donations and grants, and fundraising to continue our operation.

Enrollment into Oxford Hills Christian Academy constitutes an agreement to pay all tuition and fees in a timely manner. There are three payment options.

Option 1: Payment in full by August 1st

Option 2: Payments broken into 12 months due on the 1st of each month

Option 3: Payments broken into 10 months due on the 1st of each month

Payments due at the first of every month that are not made by the 10th of that month will have a $50.00 late fee assessed to them. If there is a financial difficulty, it is the responsibility of the parent to communicate this to the administration. Non-payment can result in the termination of enrollment. For any account that becomes more than 30 days overdue, that student will not be allowed to attend classes until the account is brought current.

Returned checks will be subject to a $25 fee.  Graduating seniors’ accounts must be paid in full in order to receive their diplomas. Transcripts and other student records will not be charged a fee for current students. There is a $5 fee for former students to receive these documents.  


There is a text book fee for each child, each year.  Textbooks are the property of the school. Lost or damaged books are subject to a nonrefundable fee for the book. A book is deemed lost after two weeks. It is the responsibility of the student to keep textbooks covered throughout the year in order to protect them.


Enrollment assumes that a child will complete the school year at Oxford Hills Christian Academy. However, should withdrawal be necessary, you are asked to give Oxford Hills Christian Academy one month’s notice if possible.

If a student is withdrawn before the school year begins, all prepaid tuition will be refunded.

In the event that a student is withdrawn during the school year, the pro-rated portion of the tuition paid beyond the thirty day notice will be refunded. 



Academic Integrity

The following is our policy concerning Academic Integrity:

Integrity is defined as “the adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty”. It is the opposite of dishonesty. Academic integrity, then, refers to having integrity in regards to your schoolwork.  What does this mean? In a word, it means not cheating: it means being honest with yourself and your teachers about what you do and do not know.

Cheating, in any of its myriad forms, is wrong. To pass off someone else’s work as your own is lying and theft.  It is a dangerous habit to form, not only due to immediate consequences, but due also to future consequences which will be much greater. Colleges and universities reserve the right to dismiss individuals and entire classes that are caught cheating. In the corporate world, cheating often results in heavy fines and jail time.

Students who cheat are pretending to know information that they don’t actually know. The implication behind the grade on your report card, behind your diploma or your degree is that you know what you claim to know. When you go to a doctor, you expect them to know what they are talking about. But what if they cheated their way through school? If you hire a lawyer, you expect him to know the ins and outs of laws and regulations so he can defend you, but what if he cheated his way through school?  When you get your taxes done, you want to be confident you’ll get back all the money you are owed. What if your accountant cheated her way through school? We expect honesty and integrity from the professionals whose services we seek. Why should anyone expect any less of you?

It is the responsibility of the classroom teacher to instruct their students as to what constitutes cheating, what actions it includes, what it looks like, why it is wrong, and how to avoid it.

What is the matter with cheating now and then?

  1. Teachers and students are meant to work together to achieve the goal of you learning what you need to know and understand. Cheating undermines this basic understanding and trust between teacher and student.
  2. Cheating is lying because by passing in work you cheated on is implying that it is your own work.  It is intellectual theft – stealing someone’s ideas or words, and not giving them credit.  It is unethical, wrong, and disrespectful. It disrespects the person whose work you stole, and it shows disrespect to your teacher: it says, in essence, “I think you are too dumb to catch me doing this.”
  3. Cheating can include, but is not limited to: copying someone else’s answers on a test or quiz; copying answers to homework from an answer key; obtaining the answers  or questions to a test or quiz before you take it; copying someone else’s work and passing it off as your own; plagiarizing, whether intentional or unintentional; finding any other way to appear to know the required knowledge without actually knowing it; anything that involves deceiving your teacher about what you know or stealing someone else’s ideas.

Because Oxford Hills Christian Academy has a high academic standard, and expects excellence in all we do, we have put in place the following policies in regards to academic and intellectual theft, in steps from more tolerance to no tolerance as the students progress from elementary, to middle school, to high school.

OHCA’s Policy Regarding Academic Integrity at the Elementary level:

  1. At the first incident of cheating the teacher will talk with the student about why and how it was cheating, and will gauge whether or not the student understands from then on why it was cheating and why it was wrong.  The parents will be notified via phone call or note home of what happened, what action the teacher took, and what the teacher expects going forward. The teacher will decide whether or not to give credit for the assignment.
  2. At the second incident, the teacher will use his/her discretion as to whether the student yet understands why it was wrong.  The teacher will speak with the student again, will again notify the parents, and will issue a classroom discipline such as staying in from recess, or some other loss of privilege. The student will receive no more than half credit for the assignment, and may receive no credit.
  3. At the third incident, the student will be given a detention. The parents will be notified and called in for a parent/teacher conference. The student may or may not be asked to attend as well. The student will receive a zero on this assignment.
  4. If the cheating continues in the same or various forms after this, the teacher will refer the student to the administration for discipline: at this point a one day in-school suspension is recommended.  The student will receive a zero on this assignment. At the end of the school year, the classroom teacher will notify the student’s next teacher about the cheating incidents if it has gotten to this point.
  5. Continued cheating beyond this point may be cause for expulsion.  A student’s pre-paid tuition will not be refunded if the student is expelled.

OHCA’s Policy Regarding Academic Integrity at the Middle School level:

  1. At the first incident of cheating, the parents will be notified via phone call or note home.  The teacher will speak with the student about why and how their action was cheating, and will verify that the student understands why it was wrong, and understands what the future consequences will be of continued cheating. If the student has other teachers besides the one who caught them cheating, these teachers will be notified of the incident as well.  The student will receive no more than half credit on this assignment, and may receive no credit.
  2. Plagiarism, if deemed accidental, will be pointed out, and the student will be given a chance to redo the paper with no negative consequences the first time. If it occurs again on the same paper, the student will receive a zero. Plagiarism that is deemed flagrant, will receive an immediate zero.
  3. The second cheating incident will again be reported to parents, other teachers, and the administration.  The teacher will again speak with the student.  At this point, the student will be given a detention, and the teacher may assign some other type of discipline as well: sentences to write, a paper to write, etc. The student will receive a zero for the assignment.
  4. Students who persist in cheating will face an in-school suspension of one to three days at the third offense.  Parents, teachers, and administrator will be notified. A zero will be given for the assignment. At the end of the year, if the student is moving on to new teachers the next year, the current teacher will notify the upcoming teachers of this year’s cheating incidents, if it has gotten to this point.
  5. Students who cheat a fourth time will be expelled for the remainder of the year.  Pre-paid tuition will not be refunded for a student expelled.

OHCA’s Policy Regarding Academic Integrity at the High School Level:

  1. At the first incident of cheating, the parents will be notified via phone call or note home.  The teacher will speak with the student about why and how their action was cheating, and will verify that the student understands why it was wrong, and understands what the future consequences will be of continued cheating. The student’s other teachers will be notified of the incident as well. The student will receive a zero on the assignment, regardless of what kind of assignment it is.
  2. Plagiarism, if deemed accidental, will be pointed out, and the student will be given a chance to redo the paper with no negative consequences the first time. If it occurs again on the same paper, the student will receive a zero. Plagiarism that is deemed flagrant, will receive an immediate zero.
  3. Students who persist in cheating will face an in-school suspension of three days to one week at the second offense.  The assignment will receive a zero. Parents, teachers, and administrator will be notified. At the end of the year, the teacher/administrator will notify next year’s teachers of this year’s incidents if it has gotten to this point.
  4. Students who persist in cheating will be expelled for the remainder of the year at the third offense.  Pre-paid tuition will not be refunded if a student is expelled.

Any student who took it to the suspension level in year one, who is caught cheating the following year, will be disciplined starting with the suspension level as long as the teacher is sure the student did not cheat accidentally.

Any student who is expelled for cheating may be re-enrolled for the next year on a probationary basis.  That student will be permanently expelled at the first cheating incident.

Deuteronomy 25:15-16: 15” You must have accurate and honest weights and measures, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you. 16 For the LORD your God detests anyone who does these things, anyone who deals dishonestly.”

Mark 10:19: “But to answer your question, you know the commandments: ‘You must not murder. You must not commit adultery. You must not steal. You must not testify falsely. You must not cheat anyone. Honor your father and mother.’ ”

Appearance/Dress Code

Oxford Hills Christian Academy is given to the pursuit of producing graduates who will be prepared to pursue God’s call on their lives. This is a preparation of mind, spirit, and body.  Therefore, we want our students to exhibit a neat, clean, and modest appearance.  While recognizing that our faith in Christ is a matter of the heart and not the outward appearance, our outer appearance is nonetheless important as it reflects that which is in the heart. As we seek to lead students in a heart pursuit of Christ, we also seek to instruct them on reflecting that in the outer appearance of dress.  Standards of modesty and excellence must transcend ever-changing styles.

Students are to avoid extremes in hairstyles, dress, and make-up. Hair should be clean, neatly styled, and of a natural color.  Clothing is to be neat, clean, modest, and in good repair (no holes, rips, fraying, etc.) Shirts are to be long or short sleeved: no tank tops. Tailored shirts must be tucked in. Buttoned shirts must be buttoned, unless worn over another shirt. Pants are to be worn over the hips – underwear should never be showing! Please do not wear the following: tank tops, sweat pants, pajamas/pajama pants, and clothing displaying satanic references or skulls, innuendos to sex, violence, tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. Hats, caps, bandanas, hoods, or sunglasses are not to be worn in any part of the building.  There is to be no writing, drawing, body piercings or tattoos on any body parts.  Guys are not to wear earrings. All dresses, skirts, and shirt tops are to be non-revealing.  Any skirts, dresses or shorts are to be no higher than mid-thigh. Leggings are never to be worn as pants, and may only be worn with a dress or skirt of the appropriate length. Outer wear to be worn with teacher permission in the classroom.

It is important for parents to be actively involved in ensuring that their child is properly dressed for school. Failure to be dressed appropriately may necessitate a change of attire being made before admittance to school, classes, or activities.

Special school activities such as field trips or evening events may have specific attire expectations. These expectations will be communicated in advance of the event. Failure to dress in accordance with the stated expectation may preclude a student from participation in the event.

The school administration has final authority in determining appropriateness in all matters regarding appearance and dress attire.

Cold Weather

Please see that your children come dressed appropriately for cold weather with adequate coats, mittens, hats, and boots. Children not properly clothed will not be permitted to participate in snow related activities. Coats are not allowed in the classroom unless the teacher deems it necessary. Students need to come appropriately dressed for the weather.

Attendance Policy

Every effort must be made to ensure that your child is here every day in order to provide consistency and continuity that is vital to a student’s progress and development. While work missed during an absence can be made up, the discussion, lectures, and explanations cannot be made up or duplicated.

We understand that sometimes an absence is unavoidable, and in order to allow our students to miss a few days as needed, as well as to help prepare them for the demands of higher education and the workplace after graduation, we have developed the following policy in regards to absences:

Each student will be given one excused absence per month of school, totaling 10 excused absences per year.  These absences may be used for any reason: sick days, doctor’s appointments, family vacations, or personal days.  These days may be used at any time and more than one may be used at once. However, once these ten days have been used, any further absences will be considered unexcused.

There may be extenuating circumstances that necessitate an adjustment to this policy. In such cases, the vice principal needs to be consulted. 

The following consequences apply to unexcused absences: all work for that day, which includes participation, class work, assigned work due that day, quizzes, and tests, will receive a zero with no opportunity to make it up. Repeated offences will result in conferences with the parents and possible dismissal of the student.

Make-up Work

All work for absences must be made up in a timely manner as set forth by the student’s teacher(s). Each teacher and/or assignment may necessitate different criteria for the completion of work. It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to seek out the teaching for the work needing to be made up.

Arrival and Dismissal

Students may arrive at school as early as thirty minutes prior to the start of school.  Students shall be picked up from school within fifteen minutes from the close of the school day. No student will be released early without the authorized adult signing them out in the office. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing an adult from coming into the building (such as sleeping babies in the car, or the adult’s physical needs) then the adult may call the office and a staff member will accompany the student out to the vehicle.  Students who have parent permission to drive themselves to school may be the exception. 

Students missing a half day or more for appointments/early dismissal will be using one half of one of their ten excused absences, unless the parent has notified the office at least one day prior.

Leaving School Grounds

For the protection of the children, and for our own liability protection, students are not allowed to leave school grounds without written permission from a parent/guardian.  We must also have a note from parents authorizing others to pick up their child/children from school.  Please send a note in to the office on days when someone on your list will be picking up your children. Students will always be escorted by a staff member or appropriateschool representative when off school grounds as ina case of a field trip, etc.


Students who arrive after 8:00 for any reason must stop at the office with an accompanying adult (unless they have driven themselves to school) to receive an Admittance slip. Students will not be allowed into class without that slip. Ten tardies = one absence. In the case of dental or doctor type appointments, notification of expected tardiness with at least one day’s notice will not count as a tardy as long as your student will not be missing more than half of the school day. The same consequences of an unexcused absence apply to tardiness, covering whatever portion of the class or day that the student missed.

Excessive tardiness will result in the administrator being called in to conference with the parents, and further appropriate consequences will be determined by the vice principal

Bullying Policy

The following is our policy concerning bullying:

It is the goal of Oxford Hills Christian Academy to provide a safe, equitable learning environment for all of its students, free from bullying and harassment for any reason and of any type. Every student is expected to treat other students and staff members with dignity and respect. Therefore, the Board has adopted this bullying policy, which identifies and defines different types of bullying, and the courses of action that will be taken if this behavior occurs.

            1. Definitions

                        A. “Bullying” is described as any repeated action, written, verbal, non-verbal, or physical that inflicts pain, intimidation, or psychological distress on a student or students. This includes, but is not limited to, any threatening, insulting, or dehumanizing gesture that has the potential to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment or cause long term damage, discomfort or humiliation, or unreasonably interfere with the individual’s school performance or participation.

                        B. “Accused” is defined as any person in the school or outside the school, at school sponsored events, and during transportation to and from these events, who is reported to have committed an act of bullying, whether formally or informally, verbally or in writing, of bullying.

                        C. “Complainant” is defined as any person who formally or informally makes a report of bullying, orally or in writing.

                        D. “Victim” is defined as any person who is reported to have been the target of an act of bullying during any educational program or activity conducted by Oxford Hills Christian Academy, whether in the school or outside the school at school sponsored events.

            2. Identifying and Defining Types of Bullying

                        A. “Verbal Bullying” is spoken and can be heard. This includes, but is not limited to, name calling, teasing, threatening, insulting, rumors or spreading of falsehoods, or racist remarks.

                        B. “Physical Bullying” involves physical contact or theft. This includes, but is not limited to, stalking, destruction of school or personal property, hitting, kicking, and taking personal property.

                        C. “Social Bullying” is heard by others, whether physically or through electronic means. This includes, but is not limited to, cyber bullying, religious or racial harassment, public humiliation and social exclusion.

                        D. “Intimidation” can come in the form of a look, gesture, or a comment. This includes, but is not limited to, physical or verbal threats, or social exclusion.

            3. Reporting an Act of Bullying

                        A. The victim or witness of any bullying act is asked to report that action to the appropriate adult in charge of the situation at that time. All faculty, volunteers, and staff are required to and must report, in writing, any allegations of bullying or violations of this policy to the vice principal.  The vice principal will then act immediately upon this allegation, and attempt to bring it to resolution within a reasonable amount of time.

            4. Disciplinary sanctions (consequences) and due processes for a person who commits an act of bullying under this policy

                        A. Concluding whether a particular action or incident constitutes a violation of this policy requires a determination based on all the facts and surrounding circumstances, followed by the determination of disciplinary sanctions appropriate for the perpetrator. This investigation and determination will be determined by the vice principal.

                        B. Consequences and appropriate interventions for students whom the administrator has determined has committed an act of bullying will vary, depending on the frequency of the behavior at issue, the location in which the behavior occurs, the ages and maturity of the student involved, the activity or context in which the conduct occurs, the nature and severity of the conduct, and other relevant circumstances.  Disciplinary actions will range from verbal warning and instruction, detention, removal from the classroom, suspension or expulsion, or other actions deemed appropriate by the administrator. Parents will be notified and involved in the disciplinary process.

                        C. Acts of reprisal or retaliation against any person who reports an incident of bullying are prohibited and will be treated as an act of bullying in itself.

                        D. Any student who is determined to have falsely accused another of bullying shall also be subject to disciplinary consequences.


Television channels 6, 8, 13, and radio stations WOXO (92.7 FM) communicate our school cancellations due to inclement weather. It is the responsibility of each family to take note of one or more of these resources before heading out on questionable days.

Safety is absolutely important. We seek to keep your children safe in bad weather conditions. Therefore, we will cancel school when the weather is of such a nature.  Yet, there are times when weather conditions on your end may be different or more severe than at the school. Your children rely on your judgment as well.  If you deem travel conditions to be too questionable on your end, simply notify the school.

If school is dismissed early due to inclement weather, every effort will be made to contact parents by phone as to when to pick up their children.  Please try to be available on such days for the potential phone call. This is one reason why it is absolutely necessary for you to keep the school updated with any changes to phone or address.

Cell Phones

We understand that many of our students carry their own cell phones, and that many parents want their children to have a phone with them before and after school. However, in order to limit the distractions that text messaging, talking and checking messages presents to students, teachers, and classmates, we must enforce the following policy:

All students who have cell phones that they bring to school must register them in the office. Any changes in phone information must also be registered as they happen. All phones must be labeled with the owner’s name.

Each student arriving at school with a phone will turn it in to the office upon arrival, where it will be stored in a safe location. Students will retrieve their phones prior to leaving for the day.

Students found with phones in their purses, lockers, or on their person during the day will receive a warning for the first offense. The second offense will result in the student being prohibited from bringing a cell phone to school for the remainder of the quarter. Repeated offenses will necessitate a conference between the parents and Administration, and further consequences will be decided by the administration.


Chapel is an integral part of the spiritual development of our students. It is a time of singing, worship, prayer, and sharing from the Scriptures. Parents and friends are welcome to attend.


Each student is expected to maintain proper conduct and to show genuine respect for God, all Oxford Hills Christian Academy faculty and volunteers, fellow students, and property. The classroom teacher will generally handle classroom discipline issues. The teacher and administration will discuss particularly problematic, questionable, or unresolved situations. Teachers and administration have the responsibility of communicating behavioral concerns to parents. Issues of a severe nature may result in the administration intervening with more prompt or intensive action.

Our mission at Oxford Hills Christian Academy is not just academic, but involves reaching the whole individual with the message of the Bible; that is, God reconciling each one of us to Himself through Christ.

Our general discipline procedure for behavioral issues is as follows:

            1.  Instruction as to expectations

            2. Verbal warning as to the consequences

            3. Follow through on the consequences. This may take the form of removal from the room, loss of recess, or loss of other privileges.

            4. Repeated offenses will result in a behavioral detention. Detentions vary in length at the discretion of the teacher as pertaining to the specific offense. Written notice is sent home with the student to be signed. Detentions do not appear on the permanent record.

            5. The teacher will refer intractable, ongoing and/or serious misbehaviors to the administration for handling on that level. The administration will contact the parents and set up an appointment to discuss options.

            6. Suspension from classes is an option available to administration. A suspension period of one to three days is generally conducted as an “in-school” suspension. The student will be in school under the direct supervision of the administration and is still responsible for completing the assigned work of the teacher(s). Suspensions do appear on a permanent academic record.

            7. Expulsion may also occur at the discretion of the vice principal when a student or parent refuses to cooperate with the school. The administration consults with the Board of Directors in decisions involving expulsion.

Our general discipline procedure for academic issues is as follows:

            1. Instruction as to expectations with warning as to the consequences. This may involve failure to complete homework or failure to complete class work in a timely manner.

            2. An “academic assist” will be issued for after school so the student can get the work completed with the teacher being able to deal with related issues causing non-completion of work.

            3. After three academic assists a conference involving teacher, parent, and vice principal will be convened to discuss possible causes so as to discern any underlying issues and options to assist the student in overcoming the issues.

            4. Continuation of the same issue may be a cause for dismissal from the school.

Field Trips

Oxford Hills Christian Academy’s teachers are encouraged to take their students on field trips. Parents are encouraged to be a part of these adventures into various parts of our world. Some field trips will have a cost associated with them. Please let the office know as they arise if it presents a problem for your family.


Conflict and differences of opinion are inevitable in any human institution. Open and direct communication is always the best way to deal with problems between two parties (Matthew 18:15). We welcome parents to communicate their concerns to the proper person(s). Generally, if the issue is with a teacher, parents should speak to that teacher first. Then, if need be, administration may be contacted. As a last resort, a request may also be made to the Board of Directors to discuss an issue. Please do not approach the Board or the administration without first having sought to resolve the conflict with the teacher.

Hallway Etiquette

The corridors of Oxford Hills Christian Academy need to be kept clean and quiet. Talking and socializing in the hallways is not allowed in order to be considerate of other classes in session, as well as of other occupants of our building.

Lunches and Snacks

Oxford Hills Christian Academy does not have a lunch program, so students will need to bring their own lunches and snacks from home. We try to make microwaves available for students, but the less they rely on them the more time they will have to eat. Some snack items will also be available for sale. Occasionally a group within the school will make hot lunches available as a fundraiser. Notification of this will be made through the school office.


All medication must be left in the office by parents with written instruction for dispensing. All medications must be in their original containers, with the directions on the label. Medications should not be sent to school or home via the student. An adult must bring them in and pick them up.

Physical Contact

Oxford Hills Christian Academy wishes to encourage only healthy social and emotional interaction among students. We do not have a “no physical contact” policy per say because we believe it is more important for us to teach our students what contact is appropriate to the time and place of school than to send a message that we must never touch each other at all. Presumed intimate contact among members of the opposite sex will not be tolerated at the school, on school grounds, or at school sponsored activities.

Prohibited Articles

Oxford Hills Christian Academy reserves the right to exclude certain items from school premises, school functions, and during transportation to and from functions. The following are such items: tobacco products, alcohol, illegal drugs, knives and other sharpened objects, guns, radios, CD players, iPods, MP3 players, videogames, and other electronic devices, and skateboards.

The use of electronic devices and cell phones on school related trips may be permitted by the person responsible for overseeing the trip and shall be communicated in advance of the trip.

Any item deemed inappropriate that is brought to school shall be collected by school staff and kept in the school office until the end of the school day. Students are responsible for retrieving these items.

Weapons confiscated will be reported to legal authorities with appropriate measures taken to ensure the ongoing safety of each individual of the school. Having such items at school functions will necessitate immediate, permanent dismissal from the school.


Enrollment of a child into Oxford Hills Christian Academy grants the school permission to photograph or videotape the child for promotional or advertising materials such as newspaper articles, school brochures, and the school yearbook, unless written notification from the parents is given to the administration asking it to be otherwise.


Elementary and Middle School students have recess daily. Weather permitting, students will be allowed to go outside. Each child needs to bring suitable outdoor apparel in order to be allowed to play in the snow in the winter months. If the thermometer or wind chill is below ten degrees, children will remain indoors. Students must have snow pants, boots, mittens, and jackets in order to play in the snow, and the recess monitor has the authority to send students inside if they are not appropriately dressed for the weather.

Special Needs Identification

When a student is suspected of having some particular learning needs that might necessitate testing and special attention, the following is the recommended protocol:

            1. The teacher will discuss the situation with parents and administration. The teacher should be prepared with anecdotal records of observations and class work samples.

            2. Alternative teaching/assessment methods will be implemented with a documentation of success/failure.

            3. If the problem persists and/or effectiveness in teaching the rest of the class is being compromised, the parents will be contacted for a meeting with the teacher and vice principal.

            4. Should it be determined that testing or professional examination is necessary, options will be discussed. Parents must assume any and all costs for medical, psychological, and/or special education testing.

Oxford Hills Christian Academy will do all that it believes it can do to assist in this process, but does also reserve the right to determine that it can no longer effectively educate the child, and must therefore terminate enrollment.


Interscholastic soccer (grades 7-12) is offered in the fall; basketball for boys (grades 5-12) and volleyball for girls (grades 5-12) are offered in the winter. These sports are offered based on interest from students and availability of coaching staff. There is a sports participation fee. Parental involvement is strongly encouraged and your help in transporting players to away games is appreciated.

Sports Eligibility

In order for a student to be eligible for participation in a sport, parents must supply to the school written proof of a sports physical within the last twenty-four months in which a student is deemed fit to participate in sports. Also, proof of insurance or a liability waiver must be presented to the school. Any costs, such as the sports participation fee, must be paid prior to the student being allowed to play. Students must maintain an average of a 70 or above in all their classes and be current with all classwork by the last day of class each week in order to play in the next game. Students must also be in attendance at school or school related activities on the day of the game in order to play.  Administration reserves the right to declare any student ineligible due to behavior issues at any time before or during the season. The coaches also reserve the right to bench a play for a game or part of a game for behavioral issues on the field/court.


Parents will receive a supply list during the summer months to help identify the children’s school needs. Occasionally other supplies may be solicited, but generally the school will supply all other items not listed. It is the responsibility of the parents and students to keep these supplies available for students to use as the year continues.


Please note that Oxford Hills Christian Academy’s office phone number is 743-5970. Students may use the school phone by permission only and only for school related issues or emergencies. Non-school related issues should be handled prior to coming to school. Any requests for using the office phone for such personal calls will be denied.

Transportation to/from School

Parents are responsible for transporting their students to and from school. We can, however, with mutual consent, provide a list of families so that parents can work together in carpooling.


Parental Involvement and Support

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

These are held at the end of the first and third grading periods. We encourage all parents to make the most of this opportunity to meet with teachers to discuss your child’s classroom growth.  Students are encouraged to attend these conferences as well.  Appointments are scheduled through the school office.


We welcome visits to our school while it is in session. Visitors must come to the office and check in before proceeding into the building. Guests who are not parents or guardians need to call beforehand to arrange a visit. Children and parents are welcome to spend the day in a classroom checking it out.


We sincerely welcome volunteer participation in Oxford Hills Christian Academy’s educational program. The following are some areas where we welcome suitable volunteers:

                    classroom helpers                   study hall monitors                 field trip chaperones

                    lunchroom monitors                 playground monitors               yearbook support

                    library maintenance                 reader’s helpers                      chapel speakers

                    office helpers                          after school yard monitors      before school yard monitors

Please contact the administration to volunteer to help in any of these areas. You must be willing to submit to a screening process and attend a training session prior to serving in these roles. Volunteers must check in and out at the office upon arrival and departure from the school each time you volunteer.

Excellence in Education
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