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Excellence in Education

Graduation Requirements

Oxford Hills Christian Academy is given to the task of producing graduates with a Biblical worldview evidenced by purposeful, Christ-centered living. These graduates will be prepared to pursue God’s calling through college, careers, or other vocations.

Oxford Hills Christian Academy has determined its high school graduation requirements with the intention of meeting or exceeding the requisites for college entrance.

In our goal to strive for excellence we have established high standards here at Oxford Hills Christian Academy. To receive a diploma from Oxford Hills Christian Academy, students must successfully complete four full years of high school. All graduates must pass all required courses. For those who transfer into Oxford Hills Christian Academy, we will go by the State of Maine’s minimum required courses.  

Credits Required for Graduation

Bible (Discipleship)                   1 credit for each year at OHCA

English                                      4 credits of Literature;

                                                  1 credit of Reading/Writing for Success

Social Studies                            4 credits

                                                  (1 credit must be U.S. History; ½ credit must be Maine Studies; ½ credit must be Government)

Mathematics                              3 credits (4 credits are strongly recommended)

Science                                      2 credits (3 strongly recommended and 1 credit must be a lab science)

Health                                        ½ credit

Foreign Language                     2 credits (strongly recommended that they be the same language)

Fine Arts                                    2 credits (2 actual years) 

Physical Education                    1 credit (sports qualify)

Computer                                   1 credit

Career Prep                               1 credit

Senior Advisory                          ½ credit

Community Service                    20 hours for each 


Courses Offered:

which courses are being offered from each category will depend on the year


Bible (Discipleship)

Bible course will vary from year to year

English (Honors level available for each class)

9/10 – Intro to Literature                  

9/10 – World Literature            

11/12 – American Literature

11/12 – British Literature

Social Studies

9/10 - Geography

9/10 – World History

11/12 – Maine Studies/Government

11/12 – U.S. History


Algebra I                                    

Algebra II                                    


Consumer Math                          


Calculus possible


Physical Science




Fine Arts


Music Worship

Theatre Arts (2 cr/yr)


Foreign Language                      

Spanish I                                    

Spanish II                                  

Physical Education

Sports qualify per the formula; or independent plan per Administrator approval


Computer Applications

Computer Hardware

Other Courses                           

Consumer Applications                    

Career Prep                       

Senior Advisory                               


Fall - Soccer – Coed

Winter – Boys Basketball & Girls Volleyball

Spring – Indoor Soccer - Coed


Additional High School Policies

Add/Drop Policy                                                                                   

Students may ADD a class within the first two weeks of school at the beginning of the year. Students may choose to DROP a class without incurring a failing grade by the end of the second full week of classes. Withdrawal from a class after two weeks will result in an administrative failure. Required courses may not be dropped. The student must obtain written permission from administration, the teacher, and parents in order to drop a class. Any course designed to be a year-long course cannot be dropped after the two week period without incurring a failing grade.

Class Availability

Class availability may change based on such factors as personnel and interested students. In the event that a new class becomes available, or students sign up for a class that will not be offered, students will be contacted.

Class Registration

Students will receive a form for registering for next year’s classes during the 4th quarter. New students enrolling will receive this form upon acceptance. This form must be returned by the given deadline. It is the student's and parents’ responsibility to see that the needed classes have been taken. Please review the graduation requirements.

Grade Point Averages (GPAs)

Grade point average is based upon a 4.0 system and a 5.0 for Honors courses. The GPA is updated each semester. A student’s GPA is very important for college entrance, auto insurance, and job recommendations. High school students need to understand that their grades are important to their future.

Graduation Financial Requirements

No student will be allowed to participate in graduation exercises unless his/her account is paid in full and all items belonging to the school (text books, sports uniforms, etc.) have been returned.


Students will receive no credit for courses which they have not satisfactorily completed the work as outlined by the teacher of the class. The teacher reserves the right to require a student to redo an assignment if it is not completed satisfactorily or is not up to the ability level of the student. Diplomas are not issued to students who have an incomplete on their transcript.

Excellence in Education
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