Oxford Hills Christian Academy
Excellence in Education

Four-tiered Course of Learning

Pre-Primary School (Grades K4/K5) – Social Integration based

          A focus on social skills, separating from home, sustaining individual focus on tasks, introductory academics

Primary School (Grades 1/2/3/4) – Knowledge based

          A focus on the acquisition of academic facts, knowledge and faith with an emphasis on rote memory

Middle School (Grades 5/6/7/8) – Understanding based

          A focus on the Interrelatedness of facts and subject with an emphasis on thinking/reasoning skills

High School (Grades 9/10/11/12) –Wisdom based

          A focus on the proper use of knowledge and understanding with an emphasis on the implementation and articulation of thoughts through discussion, writing and presentation while preparing for life decisions and life-long learning.

Excellence in Education
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